An explanation that works - motion design

Motion design is an effective method of conveying content. It is the interplay of image, word and sound that makes "motion design" extremely attractive.
Fields such as art, knowledge transfer, advertising or film benefit from the possibilities offered by motion design. In this way, "motion" becomes "emotion" that we remember and that, when things go well, captivates us.
Motion design is also playing an increasingly important role in social media. There are hardly any tutorials or explainer videos, commercials or film intro animations that do not contain animated images and sounds. In other words, the moving image has become essential in terms of holistic brand communication or conveying information.

Motion design presentations of the LIS LAREIDA fall-winter campaign.



Fall-Winter Collection

  • Photography (still images): Beate Hansen
  • Cast/Models/Agency: Anka W. und Jana S. / No Toys Agency
  • Hair/Make-up: Nicola Weidemann / Weidemann professional make-up


The project presentation is courtesy of the
LIS LAREIDA GmbH, Switzerland

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