Want to remember something?

The best idea is to draw it.

When you think of the many ways you communicate, does drawing or painting come to mind? Have you ever made a picture of your vision or goals? Especially when it comes to a complex or emotional message, or both, it can be difficult to find the right words for every significant detail.

Researchers found )that drawing information greatly improves memory. It significantly increases the chance that a drawn concept can be recalled later.

From early childhood, every human being develops a symbol system. The basic elements of this system include the circular shape, dots and lines. Talent' does not play a role in this. With minor variations, almost anything can be represented with it.

So in creative problem solving, drawing is definitely an element that enables individuals, teams and organisations to innovate efficiently.

Furthermore, emotions, situations, moods or any other form of expression can be described with the help of a simple circular shape, dots and lines. It is the true epitome of "without words".

The following example of an "illustration-style stop-motion animation" uses these simple basic elements "without words", of course.

The hypocrite

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